How To Prepare For An EarthQuake – What Your Disaster Kit Needs

earthquake-disaster-kitAnyone who is an earthquake-prone area should have ready access to a backpack, duffel or bug-out-bag that includes essential tools that can provide basic survival resources.  Since earthquakes strike without warning, it is important to be able to quickly grab these materials and get to an area of safety.  Chances are there will not be enough time to gather these items during a quake, and having them with you if you are trapped or marooned outside can provide to be a valuable asset.


Choosing the items that you have access to is important because you may not be able to reach your kitchen or pantry if you become trapped or the building collapses.   Every survival bag should include a first aid kit, face mask, water-proof blanket or poncho, bottled water and food. Staying warm, dry, hydrated and nourished are the most fundamental aspects of survival.


Things like high-energy protein bars, candy or even freeze-dried food packs can provide enough energy to sustain you until access to rescue or food and water is available.  A portable radio, clock or watch that is battery powered and a fully-charged cell phone should also be included.  You need to plan for the real possibility that you can be injured and trapped in a confined space for days before help arrives, and these basic items can turn out to be very helpful.


Even if you did not experience severe damage in your area, power, water and food supplies can be disrupted.  You may not have access to phone service, and gas lines may be ruptured as well.  In addition to having an emergency survival kit, you should also stock your home with canned food and bottled water.  We all know how quickly food can spoil in a refrigerator after a power outage, and it is important to have other sources of nourishment that is available, especially if you are without power for a long time.   Soups, canned meat, dried fruit and crackers or chips are all examples of food that can be enjoyed when refrigeration is not possible.


Consider purchasing a portable burner and a few cans of propane for cooking, and make sure that you have enough water in the house to last a few days if you are not able to get to a source of a fresh supply.  Anyone who lives in an area that is prone to earthquakes should also keep extra flashlights, candles, matches and batteries on hand as well.


There is no way to predict when an earthquake will occur or the level of damage it will cause.  Simple preparation can help to make dealing with any situation easier, safer and more effective.  In addition to an escape plan and a proper understanding of what to do when a quake strikes, having essential supplies on hand is the best way to ensure your health and safety until access to rescue and basic services is restored.  Make sure that you have the right resources within arm’s reach that can keep you safe, dry and nourished, and you will be able to significantly improve your chances of survival and over well-being.

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